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Skiing For The First Time Buyer Of Rainbow Pants, Features More Powerful Than Ski Pants
Jul 04, 2016

What is a soft shell?

Soft shell is a zhuarong between the Andes and clothing, outer with waterproof qualities, the inner layer laminated fleece, has the function of keeping warm, this is common soft shell functions. KingCamp Rainbow soft shell pants is a three-layer lamination, soft shell more than one function.

What is the three-layer laminate?

1, use Defender Softshell outer 3L high-tech stretch fabrics

Made by special technology, high elasticity, free movement surface is splash-proof, waterproof and wind-shelter; occasionally encounter bad weather like sleet, and is not afraid.

2, middle-tier fit windproof membrane

Using a film of wind technology joint clothing fabric, greatly increasing the density of fabrics for clothing, so that wind through, but also make the sweat evaporates, wind turbine;

3, the inside fitting high performance warm velvet, warm is normal fabric twice times

Warm mainly isolated from body heat exchange with the outside air, good fluffy warm fabric the better, like down comforters, cotton and so on, may not fit in your pants, or else it's not pants! so this Rainbow garment inside fitting high performance warm velvet, warm is normal fabric twice, also very close, not bloated.