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Ski Clothing Style Of Choice
Jun 20, 2017

Snow clothes style choice

Double plate Siamese: the advantage of traditional ski suits is not to let the clothes inside the snow, Siamese design, but wear off the difficulties, Ski Clothing the action is not convenient, almost sold very little, has been replaced separately.

Double board split: which contains cotton or other warm layer, similar to the mountain Jackets design, beautiful style.

Board split: generally are single-layer design, in front of the increase in warm layer, the back of a single layer of breathable, clothes hypertrophy. Veneer requirements are relatively small.

Tight clothing: tight so the resistance is small, Ski Clothing a special warm layer, the best sweat effect, racing special game.

Cold, no need to explain convex ^ - ^ convex

Windproof, experienced will know that the wind will make the body feel much lower temperature.

Waterproof, the requirements of the snow clothes fabric,Ski Clothing waterproof in fact, the domestic use of small, because the rain is less weather, and rain, then try to avoid outdoor sports bar.

Breathable, especially important, breathable bad clothes and then can not be beautiful, because once the breathable, a little slippery sweat on the inside, wet, then simply can not wear. Do not choose too small or too tight clothing (except for professional competitions)

Tops should be loose, the length of the sleeves should be stretched straight upward arm slightly longer than the wrist as the standard, the cuff should be necking and adjustable function.

The collar should be an upright high collar opening to prevent the entry of cold air.

It is best to wear waterproof ski pants to keep warm and moisture resistant. The length of the pants should be squatted to the length of the ankle. There is a double-layer structure at the opening of the trouser leg, in which the inner layer has a tightening closure with a non-slip rubber, Ski Clothing which can be tightened on a ski boot and can effectively prevent snow; the inner layer has a hardened lining on the inside to prevent ski boots from skiing Bumps cause damage to the outer layer.

Inner layer

Perspiration clothing / compression clothing, whether professional athletes or public amateur ski lovers, in recent years on the inner layer of attention have been improved. Ski Clothing And then will not choose the inner layer of cotton fabric, but to consider quick dry perspiration, good ventilation, and further with the compression function of perspiration clothing. In the choice of perspiration clothing can be used in the high collar, and this can be combined with the neck for the neck and neck warm.


Do you think 100% wool is already good? the answer is negative. Skiing when the real warm in the middle, the market is more grasping plush clothing, it is characterized by light, Ski Clothing fluffy, warm and good. Because the moisture will make the warmth of clothing greatly affected, so the warm layer in the wet conditions of the warm and dry speed is the choice of a warm layer when an important factor.