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Ski Clothing Special Fiber
Aug 10, 2017

Skiing is a sport in a cold environment, and how to choose and use it is important. When people are in motion, the body emits a lot of sweat, and when people are in a state of cessation, Ski Clothing their heat and sweat emit much less.

In the choice of intimate underwear, it is best not to cotton products, because the cotton products absorbent better, when the human body in motion state, Ski Clothing cotton products will be a large number of absorption of human body sweat, and when the human body in a static state, cotton products on the sweat is very difficult to evaporate in a short time, affixed to the skin of the cold and damp cotton underwear will be the skin surface heat away, so that people produce a cold feeling.

We should try to choose natural fibers and special fibers, Ski Clothing such as MTF control wet fiber, mixed with underwear, this kind of underwear can be very good perspiration can also effectively keep warm.

How do you deal with the ski suit when you don't use it, is it a group into a closet in the depths of the bold and unconstrained, or a neat collection of Virgo? Whatever you are, please clean the ski suit and put it in the closet.

Find a large basin can be soaked in snow, Ski Clothing water temperature 20-30 degrees, into the high-grade neutral washing liquid (powder) into the water, stir evenly.

After the ski suit is fully put in, press it into the water completely.

About 3-5 minutes or so after completely soaking, gently knead the snow with the hands (to avoid rubbing), so that the natural water outflow, if the snow clothing local serious pollution, Ski Clothing with neutral detergent directly on the clothes, with soft brush wash can be, to avoid the surface of the opposite side of the ball washing better.

Mention clothes, wait for the natural water outflow, Ski Clothing rinse with plenty of water, and then dry towel to dry clothes on the moisture.

Hanging in a cool ventilated place naturally dry, the way to restore the effect of splashing water after washing and drying, with a medium temperature steam iron ironing

Snow Clothing accessories, the same with neutral detergent wipe, Ski Clothing not too easy to wash off the stains can be 50-60 degrees of warm water rub.

Washing and collection should also pay attention to: as far as possible clean, dry, insect-proof, mildew, hide suitcase cabinets to clean, dry, sealed, Ski Clothing clothing is not suitable for long-term squeeze storage.

Sun exposure clothing should be enough to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight ultraviolet radiation is not suitable for long-term squeeze storage.

Use a dry cloth, napkin, or handkerchief to gently pinch and clean.

If you still can not remove dirt, please use the disinfectant alcohol (70%) of the white cloth on the spot with the finger from the inside to knock, Ski Clothing until the stain on the white cloth.

After that, if there is still a stain on the surface, Ski Clothing wipe off the surface with an alcoholic cloth.

Where the alcohol has been wiped will reduce water resistance, Ski Clothing so spray water after drying as far as possible to maintain the original performance of spray.