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Ski Clothing S Material
Oct 27, 2017

What is the ski suit? Ski clothing fabrics not only need to customer outside the cold conditions, but also the need for human body temperature protection and maintenance, Ski Clothing so in the production process is often used to warm the material is extremely excellent, but also the use of advanced technology to ensure the comfort of clothing. In general, ski clothing fabrics will use both inside and outside the double-layer structure, the outer use of breathable, waterproof, wear-resistant wear-resistant materials, Ski Clothing and the liner with silk, DuPont surface with excellent warmth and perspiration, breathable fabric The

 As most of the ski resort temperature is low, Ski Clothing wind, snow hard, so from the clothing point of view, ski clothing fabrics should be selected by the wind treatment of nylon or anti-tear cloth material is better. Most skiers will favor a ski suit with GORE-TEX fabric with excellent waterproof, windproof and breathable properties. In the storm (snow) can still withstand the rain (snow) into, Ski Clothing so 100% absolute waterproof. At the same time, the sweat can pass through the fabric, smooth discharge, people feel very comfortable; for the snow in the fought friends, this feature is particularly important, even if you enjoy skiing day, Ski Clothing will not wet Snow clothes inside the clothes.

Ski suits and jackets are outdoor sports clothing equipment, and have a waterproof, warm, breathable, many friends without doubt, ski suits and Jackets are the same? Can I wear anti-skid clothes?

From the fabric point of view, Ski Clothing the ski jacket parameters are generally much higher than the jacket. Now the Jackets are in the light of the line, the use of hot-fit technology mature, a large number of new technology, the wide range of fabric applications are made to reduce the overall number of unnecessary weight. Compared with ski suits, Jackets are lighter and easier to look. Ski Clothing And relative to the Jackets, ski suits more emphasis on clothing waterproof and warmth. So, in the fabric requirements are relatively high, will use more materials to improve the performance of these indicators, such as thicker lining, Ski Clothing more fabric pressure coating. As a result, ski suits are relatively more heavy and more complex.