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Ski Clothing Material Is Important
Nov 02, 2017

Jackets are our common use of multi-functional outdoor clothing. It is the standard equipment for every enthusiast who participates in outdoor activities. It is the first protective layer on the surface of the body. From the function and positioning, it is clear from its name that it uses the positioning On the importance of the two shows it in the clothing performance on the powerful features. However, for the majority of primary outdoor enthusiasts, the real can fully understand what is the Jackets are not many people. In most cases, we put a hood, fabric with a plastic coating and anti-wear Oxford cloth raindrops collectively referred to as Jackets. In fact, there is a misunderstanding, and most of the outdoor enthusiasts who do not have the so-called Jackets really have a functional clothing with the superior performance. Many of these so-called jackets are mostly ski suits used in double board skiing. Many people are not really aware of their use of clothing in the end what function, but do not understand the specific differences between Jackets and ski suits, although in low-intensity outdoor activities, the performance requirements of clothing does not highlight their differences The two can be common to each other)

How to buy ski suits

1: do not be too tight

Select ski suits, the first can not choose too small or too tight clothing, that will limit the sliding action. For beginners, it is convenient to wear a ski suit over the ski suit. If there is no one ski suit, a pair of acrylic cotton woven into a flexible long knee, a wide wrist plus a scarf can also prevent snow.

2: avoid all white

From the color point of view, the best choice can form a large contrast with the white red, orange, blue or a variety of colors with eye-catching tone, one for other skiers to provide eye-catching signs to avoid the occurrence of collision accidents; The second is to add charm to the sport, a beautiful, fit professional ski suit allows you to experience the movement of nature is still happy when the body beautiful curves. It is best not to wear all white ski suits.

3: Open large zipper

Ski service openings to large zipper-based, so wear gloves can also be easy to operate. Ski suits to have a number of easy to open large pocket, in order to some of the commonly used ski products into different categories, easy to use. As often need to hand to skate the ski equipment and hold the snow bulb glide, so ski gloves to be large, to choose five fingers separated. Gloves wrist to long, it is best to cover the cuffs, such as elastic band can be sealed, can effectively prevent the entry of snow.

4: personal underwear is best non-cotton system

It is also important to choose and use underwear. In the choice of personal underwear, it is best not to use cotton products, you can wear a nylon neck vest with a mesh, and then put a stretch of cotton vest on the outside, so that the body will sweat through the nylon vest to the elastic vest , Will not produce a cold feeling. If the economic conditions permit, you can also choose a silk-lun materials made of underwear, itself does not absorb water, the outer layer is cotton products, sweat can be adsorbed on cotton products, the effect is very good.

5: Ski clothing material is very important

As most of our ski resort inland, are cold, dry climate, low temperature, wind, snow hard, so from the material point of view, ski clothing should be used in foreign materials, wear and tear, wind, Treatment of nylon or anti-tear material is better. In view of the vast majority of our country's ski runway is not closed, coupled with low air temperature, so the ski clothing of the inner layer of warm material should be used to better warm hollow cotton or DuPont cotton, so that skiers in the ride Provide a good warm condition.