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Ski Clothing How To Choose
Aug 17, 2017

Many people show all kinds of ski photos in their friends' circles, and all the snow suits you wear are cool. When want to give oneself skiing also add a set of bright SAO's equipment, go online a check, cheap dare not buy, expensive snow suit is few thousand, the number of thousands! Why is it so expensive? What exactly is a snow suit? Can you wear it on weekdays? Today we're going to give you the snow suit! This winter not only has to keep warm, but also has a model!

Windproof and waterproof street style snow suit, not necessarily can only be worn in the snow field, outside the normal wear is another kind of style completely. Make a new attempt, either as a winter warmth or as a way to reduce the burden of your body, like an alien that is definitely a sight for the streets.

As for the length of snow, buy as long as you can. If you fall or sit on the snow, you can cover your hips, reduce ice and ice and enter your clothes, or you'll be waiting for your home cupping.

What's in the snow suit?

Collocation: hoodie + snow suits: wear a hoodie in a snow clothing, preferably black ash, when the temperature is higher, wearing ski cap directly, or take a coach jacket, ski as slightly shaking the wind clothes, when the temperature is low, the snow suit put on, remember must hoodie hat 45 ° inclined in the snow cap, remember! 45 ° inclined!!!!! It can prevent the wind from the rear of the neck and protect the ears. The key is too much!

Match: quick dry clothes + T-shirt

Quick-drying clothes can be set on the outside ski long T-shirt, a lot of times, hot will take off the snow clothing, especially in equipment rest or at dinner in the hall, the snow clothing hot, take off the snow suit quick-drying clothes can draw the outline of your body like a endorsement for Michelin, for your good image, listen to me, accessories long T-shirt!!!!

Why is it so expensive?

Cutting from the design or function, snow suit with ski-wear, completely is not the same thing, don't confuse, do you speak with factory words: do a snow take time, can make 5 above charge dress!

Snow clothing waterproof permeability and warmth retention property are major indicators, don't expect can use them instead of ordinary coat, down jacket, sliding for a moment let you not be cold wind blowing, wet all over.