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Riding Pants Jersey How To Select From Waterproof Index Options
Jul 04, 2016

1, raindrops, terminal velocity

If there is no air (resistance), a cloud after rain fell on the same day, after all the way after acceleration, can reach speeds of 300 mph when the ground is reached, this rate is equivalent to half the speed of bullets. Halo ~ that there would be no living things on solid ground. Thanks to Chairman Mao! Due to the presence of air resistance, formed when rain began to fall, and after a brief Acceleration (acceleration becomes smaller) campaign, when rain is air resistance is equal to its gravity, OK, at this time, the raindrops begin to enter the stage of uniform circular motion, until it reaches the ground. Physics speed at a constant speed called the terminal velocity of the object.

2, the size of raindrops

Have scientists concluded that under normal circumstances, between the diameter of the rain of 0.5mm~6mm, very few cases, raindrop size will be 8mm or 10MM (in the Hawaiian Islands was observed). If water is less than 0.5mm, then because the rising air currents of the atmosphere enough to withstand such dimension of water particles in the air. Raindrop sizes, generally not more than 6mm. Due to the presence of air resistance, much rain on the way down, it is to be broken down into many small drips of the collapse in volume. In addition, these large raindrops falling constantly colliding, also lead to their falling apart. Scientists have found that in laboratory conditions, big rain usually began disintegrating at a diameter of about 5 mm. In the clouds, large diameter 5 mm is reached, usually are likely to collide with each other and are breaking. This is why I rarely see the ground 5 mm in diameter, even greater cause of rain, because rain could not avoid the fate of many other similar collisions.