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Prints Personalized Fashion
Jul 04, 2016

Compared to the safety, practicality, and beauty is that people need a higher level of demand. This winter skiing style, though some followed the simple movement style in the past, but the ski market continues to be "personality" craze sweeping, combining bold design camouflage, popular prints, great personality, and widely welcomed by skiers.

Such as Adidas, just in the pattern, color, and material efforts, trying to create a personalized polar equipment, camouflage, plaid element, which conform to the popular pattern for skier's equipment more fashion.

ROXY Snow Collection melody is natural prints such as butterflies, penguins, full of polar bears, and snow pattern photo printing, also from Spain's most famous street artist EME designed the special designs for the series. Quiksilver UTILITY series designed by all-over-print (printed on the ground) as the spindle, print, color photo printing on restructuring, Monogram, camouflage pass patterns, some more style into corduroy breast pockets, interesting fashion in detail.