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Pants The Main Costumes
Jul 01, 2017

Pants are the main costumes that people wear. The original writing "Ku", "袴". From the unearthed cultural relics and handed down the literature, Pants as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, people's lower body has been wearing pants, but then pants regardless of men and women, Pants only two pants, and its shape and later trousers similar, no waist no crotch, When set in the tibia, that is, under the knee part of the calf, so this pants are also known as "tunic". Left and right one, two tibia tibies. Because it has only two pants, so the pants count and the same shoes and socks, are using the "two" to count, Ju Yan Han has such a situation. Wearing this pants, its purpose is to protect the shin, Pants especially in the winter, can play a warm role, Pants as the knee above the part is no cover.

In addition to the long knee over the long 袴 outside, the Han Dynasty also has short 袴, that is, crotch suture shorts. This shorts are also for the civilian population. Shandong Jiaxiang Hongshan Han tomb, Pants Yinan Han tomb unearthed a portrait of a farmer, wearing this shorts farming, in addition to the use of this brief pants cover the private sector, the other parts of the body all bare. Pants From the literature records, this triangular shorts, at the time called "calf nose". "Historical Records" contained in the Han Dynasty great writer Sima Xiangru in Chengdu in the year, "since the calf nose, and the security of the miscellaneous, Pants polyester in the city" historical facts. Why is this triangular shorts called "calf nose", descendants have three different interpretations. The three countries of Wei Zhao explained that because of this shorts "to three feet cloth, shaped like a calf." Han Dynasty three feet, about 70 cm, and the Han Dynasty fabric of the door is very narrow, Pants so that a piece of fabric cut Pants, according to Wei Zhao's explanation, Pants this shorts on the wide and narrow, two holes, so that to withstand the double-stranded, and the shape of the calf is very Xiangxiao, so got such a name. But some people do not agree with this explanation, such as the Ming Dynasty physician Li Shizhen that "calf" is a point on the human body, Pants is in the legs, because this shorts on the body, Pants its length happens to this, so named.

Men and women on the body there is a big difference, so the cropping process in the pants have a different way, the body of the waist of the lower body than the end of the body of the waist is higher, so they decided the same height Pants under the pants and long file is larger than men's trousers. Pants waist depression than men significantly, buttocks waist circumference of the difference is greater than the male, female body than the men's buttocks more full, lateral buttocks more protruding, buttocks lower than the male body, so pants than men Pants after the province of larger, longer, after the file side slope more foot,Pants  while the pants waist and hip hip than the pants more foot bigger. Because men and women there are physiological differences, Pants so the decision of the pants before the file stove than women, but also decided to set the door in the front center, and pants can be set before and after, and then determine the pants can be designed before and after the door Men's trousers can not.

The basic type of pants can be said that anyone can wear. According to the different hobbies, Pants the front piece of the living pleats can be changed to pleated and so on. Fabric: you can use the general wool, cotton, linen fabric and chemical fiber fabrics and so on. Pants Color if you use black, gray, Pants possession of blue, brown, etc., Pants then with the shirt with a relatively easy combination: elegant, slender strip fabric can also be.