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Pants Men And Women Design
Sep 05, 2017

Pants, referring to people under the waist to wear, generally consists of a waistband, a crotch, two leg sewing, role for warm, cold, fashion, originated in the warring states period, countries for Chinese invention.

Since there are large differences between men and women in body shape, there are different ways to cut them in the process of tailoring. Here's a brief introduction to the differences in men's and women's trousers and their structural relationships.

The waist section of the male body is lower, and the waist section of the female body is higher than the waist section of the male body, so they decide the trouser length of the same height and the length of the trousers are greater than the men's trousers.

Because there are physical differences between men and women so before any decision is taken to the men's trousers file of concave potential more than women, also determines the placket, housed in a former center position, and can be arbitrarily set before and after the panty determines the panty before and after the front can be designed and men's trousers.

Men and women there is a big difference in size, so the pants out just have a different way, in the process of the male body waist section of the bottom of the female body waist section is higher than male body waist section, so they decided to have the same height biddy pants height and LiDang greater than men's trousers. Female trousers sag significantly than men, hip and waist two surrounded degree difference is greater than the male body, the female body than male body after hip fuller, lateral protruding buttocks more, hip peak lower than the male body, so the panty is greater than the number of men's trousers after province, longer, after gear side slope foot, at the same time female split potential outside the waistband hip more feet larger than men's trousers. Because there are physical differences between men and women, so before any decision is taken to the men's trousers file of concave potential more than women, also determines the door towel total housed in a former center position, and can be arbitrarily set before and after the panty, and determines the panty before and after the front can be designed and men's trousers.

Men's design

The name of the men's trousers is many, from the shape can be divided into the four kinds of pants, bell-bottomed pants, tapered pants and baggy pants. Pants have a variety of designs and functionalities, and there are many ways to dress. There are many different types of open bags and open bags. The design of the front part of the trousers is also different according to the purpose of wearing, such as the presence and number of pleats. The design of the foot usually has two legs of the trouser legs, but it also has a special foot, like a horseshoe foot. The design of pants is varied, so it is very important to match the shirt. Plain single pleated pants. Anyone can wear it regardless of age or occupation. General wool, cotton, hemp and chemical fiber can be used.

Material usage, table cloth 140cm width 150cm, 90cm width 250cm bag cloth 90cm width 80cm adhesive lining 90cm width 50cm.

Before the film. The film began to draw. The gluteal contour line takes 1/3 of the crotch of the crotch, and as the residual of the circumference, it is 2cm to 3cm in H / 4. In the horizontal line, the hip circumference is 4 equal, and a quarter of the thickness is extended to the left (front gate width). Lower the middle of the line of the trousers line to remove the crotch length, draw the line of the foot. The lower crotch of the knee is up 5cm. The width of the foot is 11cm on both sides of the trouser line.

Under normal circumstances, the waist line in the center of the former into 0.5 cm - 0.7 cm, in the link set fork curve, but in the case of TeTi, calculation of quantity of because of obesity, front fork line deviating from the center to raise up before. The waist line is taken W / 4 + 3cm ~ 4cm, the buttock contour is drawn with the curved side seam, and the side seam line is lengthened by 0.5cm, then the waist line is repainted. The pleats of the waist are drawn from the side seam of the trousers to the side of the seam, and then the line of intersection of the knee and the trouser line is drawn. The side seam of the lower part is to connect the foot and the cross crotch line first, and then draw the curve after 1cm in the knee. Take the side seam of the knee and take the same width to the front and lower the crotch line.

The film is based on the previous film. In the horizontal line, 1cm from the back center, the waistline line into the "to" size, connect the two points, extend up to 3.5 cm. The thickness of the back plate (the posterior - gate width) is 2.5 cm higher than the previous film, and the curve of the back line is drawn. The waist line takes W / 4 plus 2cm, and then redraw the waist line after 0.5cm. The width of the knee and foot is expanded by 1cm to each side. The side seam is curved through the "mouth" of the waist line and hip line. The lower part of the crotch is 1cm from the crotch line, and the knee is connected to the foot.

Cut the main points: fold the fabric in double and cut back and forth. With directional and glossy fabrics, cut in the same direction. If you turn your foot, you must pay attention to how much you can fold. The cut section of the dotted line in the figure indicates that it is cropped after fitting it. The size of the brackets in brackets is the size of the seam head.

Women's design

The basic model of pants, you can say anyone can wear them. Depending on the hobby, the pleats of the front piece can change to the pleats. Fabrics: can use general wool material, cotton, hemp and chemical fiber cloth etc. If the color USES black, ash, navy, tea, etc., it is easy to mix the combination with the top of the jacket: simple and elegant, fine cloth also can.

Cloth usage. Table cloth 140cM width 110cm (trousers length 1010cm-15cm) 90cm width 210cm (length of trousers x 2 + 15cm-20cm) was started before. The thickness that is added from front and back center is calculated according to the ratio of hip circumference, the increase of fat body can be slightly more, less can be less. The knee height line can be determined according to the location of the drawing, if the trousers are longer than the heel bone, and the trousers are wider, then the knee height will be higher, so the trousers are better. The gradient of the rear line is determined by the function. The greater the inclination, the longer the back line. The difference between the front and rear ends of the sample and the net size of the measurement is the residual and the amount of exercise. In normal circumstances, this difference is appropriate in 2cm ~ 3cm. When excess or insufficient, the upper end of the cross - crotch line and the back of the crotch line increases and decreases. In the case of the special, the difference is better. After the drawing is finished, put together the crotch line, check whether the crotch arc is natural and smooth, if there is deviation, need to revise the drawing and sample. Cut points: use the edge of the cloth to remove the waist. After the remaining parts are folded, cut back and forth. With a smooth and glossy fabric, cut the front and back pieces in the same direction. The front opening of the legend, because it is the same way as the skirt with the zipper method, the seam width is widened. If you want to use the edge, you should also discharge the welt sample.

After dressing, stand in a relaxed posture. See whether the trouser line is straight and pendulous, whether the remaining amount of each part is appropriate, the crotch and the trousers are suitable.

Large body shape: the front and back of the crotch are pleated, which is caused by the insufficient amount of the crotch arc, and the insufficient quantity on the lower and lower line and the vertical line.

Buttock protruding body type: because the buttock protruding, the direction of the side seam is inclined to be inclined to crinkle, the back file is also wrinkly. The insufficiency of hip circumference is released from the side seam and back center. The width of the crossbar is increased while the inclination of the crotch is increased. Second, increase the province quantity, increase the volume in the side seam release.

Buttock flat body type: because hind vertical crotch is too long, the crotch of crotch appears cocks. Reduce the inclination of the rear file and reduce the width of the cross section to reconnect the crotch arc. Move the province slot. Subtract the amount of movement from the vertical to the side seam.

Large legs protruding out of the body: because the large leg is stronger than the other, the direction of the side seam is inclined to slant the trouser line; Additional insufficiency on the side seam line, and the increased waistline size will be divided into two provinces. The front edge of the big leg also has a lot of prominent situation, so to make the lower crotch line also additional insufficient quantity.