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Pants Making
Nov 02, 2017

Pants, refers to the people wearing the waist below the clothing, generally by a waistband, a crotch, two legs from the sewing, the role of warm, warm, fashion, originated in the Warring States period, the invention of China.

The basic type of pants can be said that anyone can wear. According to the different hobbies, the front piece of the living pleats can be changed to pleated and so on. Fabric: you can use the general wool, cotton, linen fabric and chemical fiber fabrics and so on. Color if you use black, gray, possession of blue, brown, etc., then with the coat with a more easy: elegant, slender strip fabric can also be.

Fabric usage. Table cloth 140cM width 110cm (pants length 10cm-15cm) 90cm width 210cm (pants length × 2 +15cm-20cm) from the beginning of the film. From the center before and after the release of the thickness of the size of the hip is calculated according to the ratio, the more fat and the amount of body can be slightly more, more can be less. The knee line can be determined by the position of the drawing. If the pants are long under the heel bone and the pants are wider, the knees will be raised slightly, so that the pants are nice. The inclination of the rear gear line is determined by taking into account the functionality. The greater the inclination, the longer the rear fence line. The difference between the length of the front and back stalls of the model, and the measured net size of the stall is the margin and the amount of exercise. Under normal circumstances, this difference is more appropriate in 2cm ~ 3cm. Excess or insufficient, in the horizontal crotch line and the upper end of the crotch line increase or decrease. In the case of special, the difference is still relatively better. After the drawing is completed, put the front and rear crotch line together, proofread the crotch arc is naturally rounded, if there is deviation, need to correct the drawings and templates. Cut the main points: the use of cloth light edge to take the waist, the remaining part of the double fold, the front and rear pieces through the cut. There are down Shun Shun and shiny fabric, to put the front and rear pieces in the same direction cutting. Legend of the front opening, because it is the same way with the skirt Shang zipper, put the seam widened, if you want to use the edge of the words, but also out of the paste edge model.

After dressing up, stand in a relaxed posture. Look pants line is straight sagging, the margin of the various parts is appropriate, the right crotch and pants are appropriate and so on.

Before and after the thickness of the body size: before and after the crotch bend pleats, which is caused by the lack of open the amount of crotch arc, in the front and rear gear line and the file line on the lack of additional.

Buttocks prominent body: because the buttocks protruding, toward the side of the direction of the ramp crepe, after the file will also wrinkle. The lack of hips, release from the side seam and the back center, in the rise of crotch inclination increased at the same time, increasing the width of the crossbar. Followed by increasing the amount of money, increase the amount of part of the side seam release.

Buttocks flat body: because the back of the crotch is too long, in the crotch bend folds appear. The inclination of the rear stand is reduced, and the width of the rungs is reduced, and the crotch arc is reconnected. Move the seam position. In the side of the suture to reduce the amount of shift out of the file.

Thighs outward protruding body: protruding from the thighs stronger, toward the side of the direction of the side of the wrinkle trousers also skewed; in the side suture to add an insufficient amount, so that the increase in the size of the waist To the two provinces. Thighs on the front of the situation is also a lot of prominent, so that the crotch line should also be added less than the amount.

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