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Pants Maintenance
Sep 20, 2017

Pants, referring to people under the waist to wear, generally consists of a waistband, a crotch, two leg sewing, role for warm, cold, fashion, originated in the warring states period, countries for Chinese invention.

Because men and women there are bigger differences in size, so that existed in different ways in the cutting process, the following is a simple introduce the differences and the structure of the men's and women's pants.

The waist section of the male body is lower, and the waist section of the female body is higher than the waist section of the male body, so they decide the trouser length of the same height and the length of the trousers are greater than the men's trousers.

Because there are physical differences between men and women so before any decision is taken to the men's trousers file of concave potential more than women, also determines the placket, housed in a former center position, and can be arbitrarily set before and after the panty determines the panty before and after the front can be designed and men's trousers

Choose pants knowledge

Color of jeans

The organization and color of the trousers were very simple in the past, and the fabric of the pants was also gradually fashionable, and also became rich in color. But mostly indigo and blue-black. The main reason is that the effect of blue wash water is the most popular and the test of time. Those mottled jeans ever also popular in some time, but all of them like a gust of wind blew over, so for most of the consumer, critical of jeans in the aspect of color too much, just have a little make a mountain out of a molehill. Indigo is a very solid color, and the more you wash it, the more beautiful it is, so it's also the eternal beauty of the jeans.

The thickness of the trousers fabric

The weight of the fabric is related to the yarn count and the thread count. The thicker the yarn is, the thicker the cloth is, and the larger the weight is. It can be divided into light, medium and heavy categories. Light fabric weight is 200 ~ 340 g/m2 (6 ~ 10 ounces per square yard), medium 340 ~ 450 g/square meter (10 ~ 13 oz/square yards), more than 450 grams of heavy (13 oz/square yards above).

Choose pants skills

Make sure to try on the pants. Watch for the length of the trousers, too short and too long.

2 wear trousers had better be equipped with heel shoe, the length of trousers is best can reach the upper part of heel, it is convenient to walk, can make leg look slender again.

Whether or not you are wearing an edgable style, depending on the length of your legs, long, long legs are suitable for wearing flip pants.

The person of temperament introversion should not be too close to the trend, the traditional style and the pants that can conceal the defect is the best choice.

5 color depth and light according to individual skin choose black suitable for water cane, light color suits yellow skin.

Pants maintenance

Basic washing method

A. Dark jeans will be used for the first time with white vinegar + water (white vinegar: water, 1:20) or soak in brine for about 20 to 30 minutes.

B, dark and light separate wash: mixing together will result in the color exchange.

C. no bleach is allowed. Wash the washing powder with the unenzymatic blue pellets, because the enzymatic washing powder has bleaching effect on the color of the jeans.

D. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight: direct exposure to sunlight can cause severe oxidation and fading.

E, dry in a ventilated place: not ventilated can make the trousers not easy to dry and can produce peculiar smell.

F, wash as far as possible, and tan.

Basic maintenance method

A. Dark, pure cotton jeans should be cleaned once or twice A week.

B, light colors: white, khaki, camel... It depends on the spoils. The best time to wash jeans is 6-12 months.

C. Use the following tips to make your new original (dark blue) jeans full of personal, natural discoloration, similar to second-hand pants or old style pants.

1. It is not necessary to wash the water in no way, as long as it suffers from the bad smell (the kimura's unwashed jeans have been unwashed for more than two years).

2. Use hand friction to touch the surface of the trousers when you wear it. This will allow the jeans to be naturally oxidized in contact with the body, resulting in a discoloration and a slight oil ester effect