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Pants How To Make Jeans Loose
Aug 17, 2017

The origins of jeans go back to the mid-19th century. At the time, a gold rush in the western United States attracted many gold prospectors, and the wear-resistant design of jeans was born as a gold digger's uniform. Because in those days, jeans were a universal uniform, and workers at that time had no watches and could only watch time through a pocket watch. To avoid a pocket watch, workers put them in a pocket of jeans. This pocket is small, so the pocket watch won't fall out easily.

Now the pocket watch has faded out of the market, jeans are no longer a simple uniform, but instead become a fashion icon, but this small pocket has been passed down. Now people will put small objects such as lighters in this pocket. How do you make use of this small pocket?

Girls in jeans are all in the pursuit of a slim fit, so consider buying a smaller one when you buy them. So, how do you make your jeans loose? How do you make jeans bigger and less comfortable? Now let's look at some of the tips.

If you have a tight waistline, there's no way to buy your jeans.

2. If the trouser legs are tight, elastic fabrics are usually worn several times.

3. If there is no flexibility, you can wash your trousers a few more times, and the fabric of your trousers will be loosened.

4. Just put on the unaccustomed, wear more, wash more, can become loose.

5, wear body, squat a few times, wear long time will loosen a few.

6. Let the tailor make it a little more open.

7. After being cleaned, it is in a semi-dry state. It can also be used to loosen the ironing of electric iron.

8. After washing your jeans and drying them up to dry when you dry them, you'll loosen them up.

9. Go to the supermarket to buy gold spinning clothes softener, wash first, then soak for 1, 2 hours, the jeans cloth will be soft.

10. Take the laundry to let them use a special fluffy reagent to achieve better results, not walking and the texture is softer and looser.