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KingCamp Rainbow Soft Shell Pants, What Are The Benefits?
Jul 04, 2016

1, better breathability and warmth

Gore-Tex waterproof, high wind, high wear-resistant, soft shell in breathability and warmth, has better performance, and more important a characteristic soft shell is a better comfort.

2, better elastic

Gore-Tex elasticity is poor, in order to safeguard sport stretch so Gore-Tex design is more relaxed in General, not personal; KingCamp Rainbow soft shell pants with elastic material, ensuring the comfort of movement.

3, fashion cultivate one's morality

KingCamp soft shell pants in the Rainbow pattern on the landscaping, slim effect protection movement comfort at the same time, more fashionable and beautiful.

4, detailed designs more humane

Waist adjustable elastic design, suitable for more size crowd wearing; waist with ribbed fabric, more fitting waist, and wearing comfortable hand in Pocket-velvet fabric, soft and comfortable.