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Jackets With The Use Of More
Jul 12, 2017

The jacket was originally a work suit, its style and shape is to meet the specific needs of the design work. It is said that the first by the Second World War, Jackets the US Marine Corps combat suit gradually evolved from the. Modern jacket as a fashion and popular with modern life fast pace inseparable. People are keen to wear the jacket as a daily dress. Dress up yourself. The design of the jacket must be light, flexible, casual, natural, Jackets so the color, pattern, fabric can be varied. From the overall shape of the point of view, Jackets mostly loose type, upper body bulging, hem tight bundle, shape contour for the o-shaped. This profile is mostly used for the coat, for men and women shared style, local design flexibility.

1. Length is shorter than the general coat, Jackets the shortest length to the waist, hem with a tightening tightening. Before and after the body more than the use of split design line, split line at the double line as a decoration.

2. Collar collar collar, lapel, suit collar, Jackets Luo mouth collar and so on. Closed collar collar for spring, autumn, winter, Ling closed wind, good warmth.

3. Shoulder more exaggerated, shoulders and shoulders. Jackets As the chest loose larger, so a lot of shoulder width by the sleeve part.

4. Sleeves sleeves, semi-rotten sleeves, and even sleeve, Jackets shirt sleeves, sleeves, bat sleeves and so on. Cuff tightening, sleeves more fat.

5. Pocket more use of larger bags, Jackets patch pockets and a variety of decorative bags, pocket design changes are the biggest feature of the jacket.

6. Decorations are all kinds of metal or plastic zipper, Jackets metal round buckle (four buckle), metal clips and all kinds of plastic accessories with the use of more.

According to the season, the use can be: cotton, wool, chemical fiber, Jackets leather, etc., in addition to clothes with knitted fabrics, leather and other materials, will produce very good results.

Jackets in addition to the purchase of models,Jackets but also depends on how the fabric texture. Jacket fabric selection range is very wide, high-grade fabrics are natural leather wool, Jackets leather, horse and so on and wool polyester blended, wool blended and to be treated high-level chemical fiber blended or pure chemical fiber fabric; high-grade fabrics have a variety of medium Silk, silk, imitation sheepskin, Jackets etc .; middle and low fabrics are cotton and cotton blended cotton and other ordinary fabrics. A variety of styles of jackets and their use of fabric in line, such as bat jacket with gorgeous bright nylon silk or TC poplin fabric made, Jackets matched with high-quality accessories and accessories, wearing women after the wind color. Jackets If the hunting is the former grams, clothing quality requirements are higher, the appearance should be closely flat, slightly thick texture, good anti-wrinkle performance, Jackets the man wearing more fitness after the tall and straight.