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Jackets Tie-in Guide
Sep 05, 2017

Jacket, jacket and jacket. The earliest (around the 14th century or so) refers to the outer garment of the waist, long sleeves, open body or pullover. It can be a single piece or a suit. But with the development of The Times, the term now refers to a variety of fabrics, all kinds of short coats, leisure garments.

If the jacket is divided from its function, it can be summarized into three categories: the jacket of the work clothes; As a casual jacket; The jacket of the dress. In the modern life, the jacket's light and comfortable features, the jacket must be the same as other types of clothing style, with more novel posture to be active in the world peoples clothing life.

When shopping for a jacket, choose different styles according to their size.

The body fat person, can choose the V word collar single breasted the face to decorate jacket, make the wearer produces a kind of shoulder shorten, the neck elongates the effect.

If the woman chooses to take the main line or the jacket with broken knife, can highlight human body line, appear slender, show gas.

Small person, should pay attention to relatively concise, the collar not too big, the adornment of front door cannot be too complicated, otherwise, can make the body appear shorter.

A tall, thin man with a bag tongue will look more sedate and firm.

Secondly, choose a different color jacket according to your shape and complexion. If you are fat, choose a cool jacket that gives you a solid, youthful feel. If you are small or lean, opt for a warm blazer that will make the wearer look taller and stronger. In addition, you should pay attention to the size and quality of your jacket as it is for other clothes. The BBB 0 of the jacket is slightly shorter than that of a Chinese mountain suit or suit. It usually stands on the human body, with the hands naturally pendulous and the place of the wrist. When fitting, the chest should be slightly wider, the back should be suitable, and the unbridled feeling shall prevail.

Notice of purchase

The man with a large hip and hip, a jacket and a tight hem, and no matter what style of trousers he wears, it's hard to match his jacket.

Shoe matching guide

If it's a formal suit, the top recommendation should be leather shoes when paired with a pair of shoes. But leather shoes also have a variety of style, if be to attend a few formal occasions, then choose leather shoes also want to be formal, had better be a sedate, solid color shoe. However, if you are taking part in some outdoor activities, you can choose leather shoes with casual style. If you wear it as a casual outfit, the jacket will be paired with shoes depending on the pants. If it's a pair of jeans, it's ok to choose a sneaker, but if it's a harrum-style pair of pants, it's a good fit.