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Jackets Style Division
Nov 02, 2017

Jackets are transliteration of English Jacket. The original intention can be translated as: short coat, coat. The earliest (around the 14th century) refers to the length of the waist, long sleeves, open body or hedge coat; can be a single, it can be a suit. But with the development of the times change, and now, the term refers to all kinds of fabric styles, the use of a variety of short coat, casual coat.

Since the formation of the jacket, the style of evolution can be said to be different, different times, different political, economic environment, different occasions, people, age, occupation, etc., have a great impact on the shape of the jacket. In the history of the world of clothing, the jacket developed to, has formed a very large family. If the jacket from the use of its function points, can be summarized into three categories: as a uniform jacket; as a casual jacket; as a dress jacket. In modern life, the jacket light and comfortable characteristics, determines its vitality. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, people's material life continues to improve, clothing fabrics with each passing day, the jacket must be the same as other types of clothing styles, with a more innovative attitude active in the world of clothing life.

Style division

Quilted jacket

Dark blue short section, small collar collar jacket simple and trendy, thin cotton through the quilting design did not significantly heavy, with lattice trousers, to create a British style of taste.

Casual jacket:

Nylon jacket is a must travel a single product, wearing a soft and comfortable, easy to carry. This map pattern jacket is quite creative, with a combination of warm colors highlight the relaxed, comfortable way of life. Lapel jacket:

Large lapel with zipper jacket also has uniform style, can also be called Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket, rock jacket. Collar is the key design links, dark buckle or zipper device can always add a warm fur collar, but also according to the needs of erected collar, or with scarves, wind and warm.

Knight Jacket:

Stressed the wide shoulders waist line of the racing jacket with collar, this season and more to bright color, zipper and shoulder joints at the slit also done decoration

Full of sex. And heroic uniform style compared to the image of the shape of the more varied.

Hunting jacket:

Compared to the common cortical and washed cloth hunting jacket, nylon fabric even more gentle. Hem of the two patch pockets design chic, both decorative and practical.

Pilot jacket:

Since the Tom Cruise in the "Top Gun" wearing the US Air Force A-2 flying leather jacket so that the pilot jacket swept, the pilot jacket has been the major brands of autumn and winter focus on the design object.

Down jacket

Jacket derivatives, is duck down, goose down or cotton as the material, style design selection wide

Loose bust, tight cuffs, tight hem and other styles, combined with down and jacket warm, self-cultivation characteristics of the new winter style. Will be warm and Slim set as one, to meet the down jacket who will be more bloated, need more personal design of the market demand.

Down jacket generally has a cardigan, self-cultivation design, and warm and clear cotton, down, etc. as a liner or filler, the use of polyester, nylon and other comfortable windproof material, so that this dress will be warm, fit the advantages of combining. Have "more warm than the feather, more than the jacket type" features.

Purchase notes

Hip and hip great people, put on a jacket, one is taut stretched uncomfortable, and second, no matter what style of pants, are difficult to match with the jacket.