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Innovative Fabric Technology Or A Complete Change Of Outdoor Clothing
Jul 04, 2016

According to foreign media reports, scientists have developed a new approach to skiers in the fall on the ski slopes facing the cold and wet. It is a lighter, softer and more comfortable new jacket material. Located in United States, Colorado is selling a small company called Voormi can be produced using single-layer waterproof breathable material technology. It is probably in the 1970 of the 20th century with the GORE-TEX waterproof breathable membrane (Gore-Tex) jacket since the advent of significant development of outdoor clothing.

Voormi snow sports industry association exhibition late last month released the latest technology, said it would replace those hard and heavy wind and snow, as well as support with multiple customization features-waterproof, isolation or wind – the traditional hierarchy of clothing, while guaranteeing light. This release in the United States worth $ 1.5 billion outdoor apparel market set off a firestorm.

"Our point is to convert waterproof breathable single layer-built assembly line process," Marketing Director Tim Smith (Timm Smith) said. "So this amounts to a revolution of 1978, we pressed the reset button. ”