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Analysis Of The Correlation Between Hard Shell
Jul 04, 2016

First of all talk about outdoor clothing in the "shell" concept. As we all know, in the outdoor industry for fashion wear from the inside to the outside is divided into three layers, wicking layer, layer, and layer. Isolation layer that stands for "shell", play the role of isolated storms in the outdoors. Outdoor clothing in the "shell" is broken down into a hard shell and soft shell, but shell in the country called "Andes", this word is the proper noun, rather than imported foreign goods. In the outdoor industry is very developed in Europe and America "hard shell" is often called "the Jacket", "soft shell" is called "SoftShell Jacket".

Shells are commonly known as Andes, in outdoor activities as the outermost layer, protective layer against wind, rain, snow and other weather factors of invasion, at the same time guarantee good breathability.

For outdoor equipment does not quite understand the people have a basic misunderstanding of, believe that Andes (hard shell) itself has very good insulation effect, this is a serious fallacy, in fact, generally shell itself is only a layer of synthetic "thin-skinned", do not have any insulation. But because the crust with good isolation and wind-proof performance, you can stop or slow down the air between the shell and body mobility, avoiding air cooling effect.