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Middle-tier dress

In terms of materials, natural materials and artificial materials can be divided into two kinds.

Down most people are familiar with the natural materials. Because the feather has many tiny holes, swells can capture a lot of air, so to has the insulation, but the biggest drawback is that it cannot touch the water, once the feathers get wet without any insulation, and looks a bit like penguins, to pay more attention to the appearance of user, may not be suitable. Based on these characteristics, down jackets are not suitable for use in outdoor sports (especially weight) in the warm layer, suitable for walking in resting or camping and General wear.

Man-made materials is the most popular in cashmere products [fleece], among them, the United States patent registration "POLARTEC" fleece most outstanding product performance, good warm feeling soft, slightly damp situations with thermal insulation effect, fast-drying, insulating layer is ideal for outdoor sports do. "POLARTEC" according to warm the hierarchy of levels with different thickness, from the thick of 300 series, multiple uses of the 200 series to the 100 series of soft light, users can select the right clothes according to their own needs. But the biggest drawback is that wind is no artificial brush fabric faults, must tie in with wind-resistant properties of clothing can play a excellent warmth.