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How to shop for clothing the middle tier


Of your application environment is a decisive factor when you choose the middle-tier. The old adage, "function more important than form". Identify your needs and find the best insulation you need, and then choose your clothing and body. Also must be aware of the material has its advantages and disadvantages. If you choose the right clothes sitting on the tree, while the more important than breathable and warm. Similarly, for backpackers and hikers alike, you need a material that can effectively remove excess heat.

Insulation type

Like the base layer, middle tier also has a wide variety of choices. Not only would we use it like down comforters, wool, synthetic fibers of different materials, and filled jacket is also used with different characteristics technology of lining and surface materials. We do not have enough space to present all products on the market, so we will introduce on the market trend and some manufacturers to produce top products.