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Correlation analysis of soft shell

Soft shell is called in English "SoftShell Jacket", hence the name too weird "soft jacket" usually far better than a hard shell fabric softness, some fabric with elastic. Wind is essential for all soft shell performance, followed by some soft shell with fleece layers together with a certain thickness, with moderate heat. There are also soft shell, pressing in the fabric waterproof, breathable membrane into a waterproof soft shell, you can usually reach the rain-proof level.

Soft shell and hard shell version required is very different. Soft shell's original use was made for rock climbing, ice climbing clothing and subsequently accepted by the other types of outdoor activities, characterized by soft and your body, coat jacket style. Soft shell is typically used as a two-story, without considering the Middle insulation clothing.

Soft shell with DWR also anti-repellent coating, light and waterproof. Soft shell windproof principle according to different divided into two broad categories, windproof soft shell windproof soft shell fabric and membrane, and windproof soft shell membrane have an alternative branch for waterproof soft shell.

Windproof soft shell fabric is relying on the fabric fibers arranged in close proximity to wind effects. Advantages of good air permeability, part of the fabric has good flexibility, good wearing comfort. But the disadvantage is windproof soft shell windproof performance relative to the film slightly raised. Preferred fabric manufacturers and Outdoor Research Patagonia windproof soft shell, and so on.